Berikut adalah beberapa material yang bisa kami pabrikasi dan supply :

  1. Rumah Kerangkeng Sun Shelter / Shelterless.
  2. Vertical / Horizontal Ladder Cable Tray.
  3. Straight Ladder SLU / SLW from W200, W300, W400, W500.
  4. Antenna Mounting, GPS Mounting.
  5. Pole RRU 3G, Pole ACPDB, Pole KWH Meter.
  6. Kawat duri / Barbed wire, Kawat duri silet / Razor Wire.
  7. Kawat harmonika 50×50x3mm.
  8. Pagar BRC / BRC Fence.
  9. Bolts, nuts, washers, anchor, dynabolt, ASTM, HTB 8.8, Stainless Steel, Platting Bronze.
  10. U bolt, V bolt, Clamp.
  11. Metal Powder, Powder Cadweld, 90F20, 45F90, RASP 321, Mould Sealer, Cable Cleaning Brush, Cable Clamp, Magnetic Handle Clamp.
  12. Sagrods.
  13. Cold Galvanize.
  14. Piping.
  15. Dan lain-lain.

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